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To rehome preloved items to reduce waste and help children around the world, in partnership with Gulf for Good.


When it comes to reducing waste, we exist to turn the clothing industry on its head. Currently, an estimated 150 billion clothes are produced each year, more than ever before. The resources of water, land, dyes, chemicals, plastic etc that go into each piece means an incredible strain on our environment. The clothing industry is the 3rd biggest carbon emitting industry just behind gas and food. What is more, the human side is often a sad story in clothing production, with low wages in poor conditions and often child labour too.

What makes it even worse is that 3/5th of these new clothes make their way into the landfill by the end of one year, either by the brand or individuals themselves. These often make their way into developing countries and are creating large negative socio-economical and environmental impacts.

Every piece of textile can be rehomed, upcycled, or recycled and that is what we aim to do. We are zero waste and process everything that comes through our doors. We want to change the way Dubai interacts with fashion, to not only have access to preloved clothing, but to choose second hand first!


We donate 100% of our profits to the children's charity projects of Gulf for Good under Islamic Affairs Fundraising Approval. We work with Gulf for Good to fund projects that sustainable change children's lives around the world in the areas of poverty alleviation, health and education. Once we fully fund a project, we start in on the next. Please see more information on our current and historical projects to date here.

We do everything we can to keep our expenses low to contribute more to the kids. This is why we rely on volunteers and sponsors to achieve our mission. We aim to donate 50% of our monthly revenues.


A sustainable world where everyone has what they need to thrive.



We are committed to zero waste: we rehome everything (including repairing/recycling items in partnership with Kiswa), we offset our carbon emissions through TreeNation, and we use sustainable biodegradable packaging. When we need to purchase something, we buy it second hand.


We want to encourage and grow the preloved market and can only do this by working together.

What is more, Thrift for Good is powered by a large group of volunteer supporters. It's only thanks to you that we can succeed - please clear out your used items, shop sustainable fashion, and volunteer to help us sort and sell.



What better feeling is there than finding that perfect cheap thrift find? Perhaps a peace-inspiring decluttered house? Or, better yet, knowing you've made a difference in the lives of others? This value of joy is more than a customer satisfaction guarantee; we want to touch lives - yours and the lives of the children we will support.


We are registered under the DED as THRIFT FOR GOOD USED CLOTH TRADING LLC. We are partnered with Gulf for Good, which is registered as a non-profit organization registered under the International Humanitarian City.

We have fundraising approval for this initiative from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department on a rotating basis


With her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy and over 18 years of experience working with charitable organisations, Jen is passionate about raising funds for children's projects. Her most recent role was as the Operations Manager with Gulf for Good, who raise funds for children's charity projects around the world through adventure challenges.

During this time, Jen learned that the biggest barrier for great projects is funding. Yet, there are so many wonderful supportive people interested in giving their used items to a good cause...

With other Gulf for Good supporters, Thrift for Good began in February 2020, online in April 2020 and we opened our first store in November 2020.

Thrift for Good is a social enterprise born from the vision of a sustainable world  where everyone has what they need to thrive. We are so proud to offer a more sustainable option for clothing in the UAE as well as fund beautiful children's charity projects in partnership with Gulf for Good.

What we do is only made possible by you. Please clear out your used items, shop our feel good fashion, and volunteer to make it happen.

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