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Give gently used preloved items

Thank you for your interest in clearing out your items to Thrift for Good!

We donate 100% of the profits of selling your items, so we thank you for your wonderful support! We do not purchase, but instead give you a store credit voucher worth AED10 to say thank you against all of your items per drop off (given the value of your items is worth at least AED10 or more). If you want to sell your items for more, please see GIVE-FAQs on where you can sell your items.

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Decluttering can bring you a sense of peace and joy, especially when it benefits a good cause. We recommend checking out the KonMari method for this life changing process.


Gulf for Good, helping children around the world (IACAD approved). We donate 100% of the profits from reselling your items to their children's charity projects.

Our process keeps clothing local. It is much more empowering for communities overseas to have sustainable impactful projects than to be flooded with cheap second hand clothing. Many other places you contribute clothing sell in bulk to third world countries, negatively impacting the economy's own clothing industries and contributing to third world landfills.


Put simply, what you can read or wear.

Gently used clothing for men, women and children, accessories, bags, shoes, books

We will also accept on behalf of Tech for Good: Video Games, Laptops, Cell Phones, and Tablets (please unlock any apple products).

We unfortunately CANNOT ACCEPT Toys, House Items (Dishes, Frames, Decor), Furniture, Sports Equipment or Large Technology/Appliances in Store.


We are so grateful to have received unexpectedly large amounts of contributions. We have paused this service until we can grow our capacity. Thank you for your understanding! We recommend Shyft courier to send us your items.

You can de-clutter your items by dropping them off at our stores

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