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SOS Children’s Villages in Kyrgyzstan

The remote Ananyevo municipality in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan urgently needs a local meeting point to connect community members and boost learning and social activities. Between September and December 2021, we contributed AED100,000 to build this centre on a plot of land that has been provided by the local government, and running costs to be managed by the municipality.

By building such a facility in this rural area, we will be improving the lives of 165 vulnerable families, 180 children and 12,000 inhabitants of the surrounding villages. The community centre is not just a physical structure, but also provides a space where parents receive training courses to increase their employability and parental skills and help with daily challenges. It will also serve as a venue where children play, learn and do their homework, as well as a hub for cultural and sports events.

Project update: SOS Kyrgyzstan has now received both funding installments, the first for the foundation, roof and walls. The second installment of AED100,000 was sent February 2023 to install the flooring, plumbing, electricity, internal walls, ceilings and painting to prepare for the handover of the building. The building is now complete and actively serving the community!

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