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The International Association for Transformation in the Kalinga Province, the Philippines

This initiative is approved by IACAD, license number 001364944.

This is an excellent program that serves underprivileged youth with "scholarships". Phrasing the funding like this gives the students confidence to really thrive and become community leaders. They want to expand their student dormitory to include children from abused families into their programming, provide counselling and all the support that the children need to live a much brighter future!

IAT also runs a Montessori primary school and is actively involved with peace building and economic development for local communities.

See more information here.

This campaign is IACAD approved, license number 001364944.

Project Update: AED27,230 was successfully sent in June 2021 and used towards their student sponsorship programme.

Project Update: AED547,746 was raised and will soon be sent towards the dormitories and counselling for children facing abuse at home. We are so proud to support this project!

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