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The Tibetan Children's Villages in Ladakh, Northern India

This initiative is approved by IACAD, license number 40519

From October - December 2022, 100% of our profits went to support the beautiful work done by the Tibetan Children's Villages in Ladakh, Northern India. They care for Tibetan refugee children in exile in Northern India by running homes for orphans and providing free education for those in need as well!

Currently, the 1561 students cook on the floor and study on their beds... the facilities are in desperate need of renovation. So, our goal was to raise AED250,000 to renovate 18 children's homes for orphans and 4 hostels for teenage students, as well as the communal kitchen. These facilities will greatly improve their livelihoods and better protect the children from the harsh winter months.

This campaign is approved by IACAD, license number 40519.

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